How Can Lips be Enhanced by Surgery?

You do not have to despair if your lips are not as full and lush as you would like because there are a variety of cosmetic procedures that can be used to increase the volume of your lips.

You may have heard about injections and dermal fillers, but these non-surgical options typically provide only a temporary solution to your problem of thinner lips. For more permanent results, you could opt for cosmetic tattooing or you might prefer a surgical approach.

Implants can be used to add fullness to lips that are thin or narrow. These can be made of fat or synthetic tissue and are inserted to create a fuller look to your lips. While generally successful, lip implant procedures may not provide the results you want.

There are other facial plastic surgery techniques that a surgeon can use to make your lips look fuller. The pigmented portion of your lips can be turned outward to expose more of the color, giving your lips a thicker appearance. You can talk with an expert in lip enhancement in Beverly Hills on which lip enhancement options would help you to achieve the look you want.


What is Lip Enhancement?

A plump pout has always been considered a desirable feature to have, especially if you are born with naturally thin lips. If you have always been envious of the Angelina Jolie signature look then a lip enhancement could help you get the volume you desire. There are a couple of different solutions offered by our expert in lip enhancement in Los Angeles, including temporary filler. It is easier to figure out which treatment you should choose if you first decide how long you would like to maintain the enhancement.

The most popular solution for a lip enhancement is to start with a temporary filler to get an idea of the results you can experience. This treatment only requires a short commitment of a few months, and it will wear away if you do not decide to have additional treatments. If you do like the enhancement, you can continue with filler every few months or request permanent implants. The soft implants are inserted into tunnels created by the surgeon to help you get the look of full lips. Treatment can cater to your specific needs, even if you only desire an enhancement in one lip to help them match more closely.