Healing after Tummy Tuck

One of the most significant plastic surgery wounds is created during the tummy tuck procedure. A long incision extends from one side of the abdomen to the other to open the treatment area for minimizing. In addition to this, the entire process is considerably invasive as excess fat and skin are removed. The expert in tummy tuck surgery in Los Angeles has to maneuver the internal parts of the abdomen to tighten muscles and decrease the size of the stomach during the procedure. Healing after the tummy tuck is complete is going to take a few weeks of resting and significantly limiting physical activity.

It is recommended by the expert in surgical plastic surgery in Los Angeles to take a vacation from work if possible. Doing too much moving before your abdomen has healed can increase swelling and soreness, and it could cause the wound to heal slower than expected. Smooth healing is an important part of keeping the large scar from appearing noticeable and thick as a result of complications. Get help from a relative or friend while you are in the beginning phase of the recovery process, and keep in mind that it helps to wear a compression top to support the healing abdomen.