What is Fractional Laser Resurfacing Used for?

Fractional resurfacing is a highly concentrated form of skin therapy. Each session lasts 15-45 minutes, during which our expert in fractional laser resurfacing in Tarzana treats any of the following conditions:

• Lesions
• Acne or surgical scars
• Stretch marks
• Uneven skin tone
• Sun damage

Fractional laser resurfacing creates microthermals, which revitalize tiny increments of skin that remain surrounded by untouched, or healthier, skin. Natural restoration data inside the skin is activated, and new cells grow. Each treatment can replace up to 20 percent of the damaged skin.

Not everyone is a proper candidate for fractional laser resurfacing, which tends to work best on those with lighter skin tones. One advantage recipients cite is as a maintenance tool. A couple of sessions per year can really reduce the effects of sun exposure.

In treatment, a few types of lasers can be used. Typically, patients under 50 will receive a gentler, urbium-based laser, while older patients may benefit from a carbon dioxide system. Lasers can be mixed and matched to specific conditions, like finer wrinkles or the deepest kinds of acne scars. Ask your Tarzana skin doctor for more information.