Types of Non Surgical Facelifts

There are a few non-surgical choices that clients have nowadays to create a more youthful facial appearance. While not as effective as the traditional facelift done with cosmetic surgery, these options are much less invasive and can provide you with a more rejuvenated look that can last for anywhere from several months to more than a year.

A Beverly Hills non-surgical facelift may use dermal injections to add lift, fullness, and volume while filling in fine lines and wrinkles. These injections are very effective at reducing many different signs of aging. Dermal fillers may be combined with other procedures. Botox injections can be used to reduce the formation of new lines and wrinkles.

Several skin-tightening options are also available. These utilize microcurrents, lasers, or heat to increase the skins firmness and elasticity. This can help to tighten the surface layers of the skin to reduce sagging and thinning of the skin.

Non-surgical choices make it easier for you to enjoy almost immediate results without the need to hide away during healing. You may want to talk with an expert in facial plastic surgery in Beverly Hills about a traditional facelift or options for a more youthful appearance.


Choosing the Right Type of Facelift for You

Deciding on the ideal facelift for each unique patient relies on an evaluation provided by a rejuvenation. There are a lot of ways that a specialist can approach this type of treatment because every patient shows age in their own way. A younger adult may not have a condition worth treating with a complicated and invasive surgery, so the doctor will often recommend alternative procedures. The most popular solution for mild issues is to treat with liquid filler and Botox injections because they are instant and inexpensive. Our Beverly Hills liquid facelift has to continue this type of treatment every few months for the patient to continue seeing a rejuvenation.

The non-surgical facelift might recommend laser treatment sessions to a patient that wants a long-term solution without an invasive technique. Special lasers used in these treatments allow the face to gradually repair itself to leave a fuller, more youthful appearance. There is always the option to choose an invasive facelift if you feel that it will be more satisfying to eliminate some excess skin and heaviness from the face. Our treatment specialist is going to begin your treatment with a thorough consultation before offering their advice about your procedure.

Non-Surgical Facelift Options

If the signs of time or becoming more apparent on your face but you are not quite ready to undergo actual surgery, you may want to consider some non-surgical options that can give you results similar to what you could achieve with a traditional facelift. While non-surgical choices will not give as dramatic or permanent results as you would get with surgery, non-surgical options can be visible almost immediately in some cases, depending on the treatment method that you choose.

A trending procedure involves the use of dermal fillers. A surgeon can add volume to create more fullness and lift by injecting small amounts of dermal filler in and around affected areas. This can create a smoother, firmer look and a more youthful appearance overall. Other types of injections can be used to prevent further wrinkling of skin.

Heat, light, laser, and ultrasound may also be used to tighten skin and underlying tissues. These treatments may take a little more time to see the results but can delay the need for surgery. You can talk with an expert in non-surgical facelift in Beverly Hills to see what options would work best for you in your specific situation.

How Effective is Liquid Facelift?

When you are looking for a way to reduce some of the signs of aging from your face, you may not be ready for actual surgery involved with a procedure such as a facelift. Depending on how much work you would like done, you may want to consult with a Los Angeles liquid facelift.

A liquid facelift can be very effective at reducing some of the signs you experience as you age, such as fine lines, wrinkles, hollowness, and even some sagging. A skilled facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles can inject small amounts of dermal filler beneath the skin and underlying tissues. This can add lift and contour where it is needed to create a smoother, more youthful appearance.

With a liquid facelift, you will not have to wait for swelling or bruising to fade, so results are nearly immediate. The procedure does not take a lot of time to perform and can be completed around your schedule in most cases. The results will last for several months to more than a year depending on the filler used. The liquid facelift can help you to look more vibrant and youthful without having surgery.

Benefits of Non Surgical Facelifts

If you are showing signs of aging in your face, you may be considering having cosmetic surgery in an effort to turn back the hands of time. While you can discuss your concerns with an expert in facelift in Beverly Hills, it is important to note that you may not need a true surgery to get the results that you want. With the latest advances and techniques, there are non surgical options available for many procedures, including the facelift.

You can get the appearance of more volume, fewer wrinkles, and firmer skin without going under the knife. Because there is no cutting, you will not need any downtime for healing. Results will be visible right away, and results can last for more than a year.

A Beverly Hills non surgical facelift expert will be able to inject dermal fillers into certain areas of your face to increase fullness. This can be used to fill in wrinkles, lift sagging skin, or to add volume anywhere that it is needed to create a more youthful appearance. Injections will typically need to be repeated, but you will not have to go through surgery to enjoy a younger look.

Facelift Techniques

Depending on the results you want and your individual features, there are various techniques that can be used during a facelift. A skilled Beverly Hills facelift surgeon can determine the best method for your circumstances.

During the surgery incisions are made that can range in length. The skin and muscle layer are tightened, excess skin and fat may be removed, then all of the layers of muscle, tissue, and skin are positioned and attached securely to reduce sagging and wrinkles to create a smoother, firmer appearance that can make you look many years younger. How much of the face is involved as well as how many layers of tissue are affected will be explained by your surgeon.

With the latest advance, a Beverly Hills liquid facelift doctor can create a similar appearance to having an actual facelift without the need for surgery. This liquid facelift is performed with injections, filler, and even implants. Volume can be added to precise areas on your face to create more fullness. Fillers can also be used to add lift to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Fillers and implants can also create contours for a more youthful appearance immediately without any down time.

Liquid Facelifts and What You Should Know about Them

A lot of people have become interested in the benefits of a liquid facelift once they realize their it can be very effective. It might seem like there is no way that facial filler could logically mimic the results of actual skin and tissue rejuvenation, but it makes sense once explained. Our Los Angeles liquid facelift expert implements multiple types of fillers that achieve different tasks, such as smoothing wrinkles. Botox is often used as a way to provide the actual lifting appearance because it causes the muscle to react in a way that looks lifted. The actual filling is done with hyaluronic acid products because it is very safe and effective when introduced to the body.

You should be aware that the results are not going to last more than a few months unless you commit to another treatment for maintenance. Otherwise, you would return to your natural aged appearance as the materials are absorbed into the body. It is always possible to continue injections long-term, or to decide that you would actually like to have the surgery for a lasting rejuvenation. Liquid facelifts do not have a lot of side effects, and the patients that choose this solution can actually appreciate the improvement in the same day as they see the doctor.

Advantages of Liquid Facelifts

There are plenty of reasons that you will find our specialist recommending the alternative treatment to an invasive facelift to a qualifying candidate. A lot of risk is involved in the traditional facelift and most doctors do not find them to be necessary for all people wishing for rejuvenation. It can lead to extreme tightness in some areas if they are accidentally over-corrected, and it can be difficult to make the final result look as natural as desired. No one wants to look like they have had work done, so it is usually best to find out if you can get the right results with a liquid facelift instead.

Our Beverly Hills liquid facelift expert can provide treatment to candidates that are not suitable for the more traditional surgery for any reason. The liquid injections improve facial contours and eliminate the majority of wrinkles very easily without a lot of unnecessary trauma. As the filler is added, you will be awake and aware so that you can help the specialist determine when you have achieved the best rejuvenation. A big advantage with a lot of people actually involves the recovery because most filler products will not create a negative reaction in the body. There are also no incisions to heal so you can get back to normal within a couple of days after the liquid facelift.

Newer Plastic Surgery Options

One of the newest trends in plastic surgery is the non-surgical approach. Using injectable materials such as dermal fillers and Botox, plastic surgeons are able to offer their patients non-invasive treatment options.

The liquid facelift is one such example of a non surgical procedure.  The dermal fillers that are used are typically hyaluronic acid-based, and they are injected in order to restore volume to the face. While they are great at adding volume, they do not necessarily treat the wrinkles that may have developed. That is where Botox comes into play. Botox is also injected in order to smooth out the wrinkles. Contact our liquid facelift surgeon in Los Angeles for more information.

The non surgical rhinoplasty is another great example of a newer plastic surgery option. This procedure uses dermal fillers in order to reshape the nose. The non surgical rhinoplasty can be used to conceal a bump, raise a drooping tip, and augment a low bridge. If you suffered asymmetry after a surgical rhinoplasty, dermal fillers can also be used to correct that. If you are interested in learning if the non surgical rhinoplasty is right for you, contact our expert in non surgical rhinoplasty in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.

Facial and Brow Lifts

Face lifts and brow lifts are two very effective surgeries for achieving the look your have always wanted. While there is much benefit to be had by undergoing these traditional surgeries, there are also many advantages to opting for their non-surgical alternatives instead.

The idea behind facial plastic surgeries is to make an incision along the treatment area, lift the skin, and remove excess tissues before reattaching the skin to the incision. The effect is a tightening of the skin, the removal of wrinkles, and a more youthful appearance. With the traditional brow lift, an incision is usually made along the forehead near the hairline. With the facelift, the incision is usually made from along the front of the ear to the area behind your earlobe. It may extend into the hairline at the temple. For something like a liquid facelift, on the other hand, there is no need for any incisions at all. Instead, dermal fillers are injected in order to restore volume to the face. Botox is then customarily used to smooth wrinkles. If you would like to know more about the non-surgical options you have available to you, contact our expert in liquid facelift in Los Angeles.

The thing to keep in mind is that the more invasive procedures do produce longer lasting results. If you are curious which type of procedure would work best for your needs, contact our expert in eyebrow lifts in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.