How Invasive is Facelift Surgery?

The traditional facelift surgery techniques involve invasive incisions and intricate work with the aged tissue. Sometimes it is possible to limit the rejuvenation to a certain area of the face to avoid unnecessary trauma and decrease the recovery time. If it is your desire to avoid real surgery, you do have the option of a chemical or laser facelift. These techniques are not as reliable as a real facelift, but they can provide a very noticeable and effective improvement for the right patient.

Our plastic surgeon in Los Angeles is not going to recommend any surgery or minimally-invasive alternative until the consultation is complete. The entire purpose of the physical examination is to help the doctor understand your needs as a patient to help you make the right decision about treatment. If you are hesitant about the potential complications that you risk with an invasive facelift, put your mind at ease by investing in a surgeon that has a great reputation. You are making a decision that will lead to a permanent change in the way that you look. Do not be afraid to bring up any questions that you have and allow our doctor to provide the information necessary to alleviate your concerns.


Procedures for Facial Improvements

When we first meet someone, their faces are usually the first thing that we notice. This can be a particularly frustrating truth as we age and start to develop sagging skin and wrinkles. Luckily, there are a number of procedures that are designed to improve the aesthetics of our face.

If you are suffering from a sagging brow, it may make you appear to be sad or angry when you are not. The reason for this is because a sagging brow flattens our natural eyebrow arch aesthetics. A lateral brow lift is a procedure that is designed to restore youthful arch aesthetics to our eyebrows.
A loss of prominence in your cheeks is caused by the fatty tissue that is located below your cheeks starting to descend towards your nose and mouth. The effect of this can be the development of bags under your eyes and prominent nasolabial folds. A cheek lift procedure is especially useful for correcting this issue. During the procedure, our expert in cheek lift surgery in Beverly Hills will raise the fatty tissue below your cheeks onto a higher position on your cheekbones.

Not all facial improvement procedures require surgery. The laser facelift procedure is a good example of this. Just like a normal facelift surgery, a laser facelift is designed to eliminate jowls, marionette lines, and a sagging of the skin around your jaw and neck. Contact our expert in laser facelift in Beverly Hills for more information.

Is Surgery Required for Facelift?

The greatest advantage you have when working with our Beverly Hills facelift plastic surgery expert is the access to the latest procedures. Many years ago, the only way to rejuvenate sagging skin was to undergo a full facelift. Inexperienced surgeons working on patients who did not need such a drastic procedure created concerns with the effectiveness of the treatment. As time has progressed, new options have become available to provide alternative solutions that are tailored to the patient and a desired area. Actual surgery is not even required to experience the same benefits of a real facelift if you don’t need it.

Our expert in facelift in Beverly Hills offers patients a non-surgical, chemical solution to eliminate the need for the actual surgery. Certain liquids are injected into wrinkles and specified areas of the face to create an effective rejuvenation. One of the products that our surgeon uses is Botox to lift the underlying tissue. Once this step is complete, hyaluronic acid filler can be used to fill in and smooth any deep lines. It is impossible to create an over-correction using chemical fillers, and patients experience very few problematic side effects after receiving injections. The only real downside to this treatment is that it is very temporary, and patients will have to return to the facility every few months to keep the benefits.

When Facelifts Go Wrong

There is a lot of opportunity for things to go wrong when it comes to a traditional facelift. This is a full rejuvenation that is supposed to target sagging tissue and skin across the entire face. A high level of experience is needed to prevent correcting more than what is needed or ignoring areas that truly need rejuvenation. If either of these problems occurs, the final result is going to appear noticeably distorted.

Patients always have the opportunity to undergo a revision performed by our talented Beverly Hills facelift surgeon to ensure that the next treatment is the last one needed. It is unfortunate to have to go through the entire process again, but no one deserves to live with embarrassment regarding their appearance. At least six months of healing have to be completed before it is safe to revise surgery, unless there is some type of emergency requiring it sooner. It is rare that this occurs, so the chances are that you will schedule your revision consultation after a wait period. During the procedure, our expert in facelift revision in Beverly Hills is going to relax the skin or target the ignored area so that the final result is a natural looking rejuvenation.