How Eyelid Lift Can Improve Your Appearance

The eyes may be one of the first areas on your face to show the signs of aging. Over time, loss of collagen can cause skin to be less elastic and less firm. Volume can be lost, allowing skin and underlying tissue to droop and sag. Fat may begin to accumulate under the skin in the wrong places. When this occurs around your eyes, it can make you look older, tired, and maybe even a little depressed.

Lower eyelid surgery can be used to remove puffiness and bags from underneath the eyes. Any incisions will be hidden just beneath the lash line or inside of the lower lid. It is important to note that lower eyelid surgery will not change discoloration, dark circles, or crow’s feet.

Upper eyelid surgery is done to remove the fat that may build up and result in sagging of the skin beneath the brow bone. Skin that droops over the upper eyelid can be tightened to create a more wide-eyed expression that helps you to look more refreshed. You can find out more about what to expect by speaking with a Beverly Hills eyelid lift surgeon for options.


How Does Eyelid Lift Improve the Appearance of Eyes?

Whether you are unhappy with the appearance of your eyes due to your unique physical features or because of the effects that aging is having on your skin, you might be thinking about cosmetic surgery. You can discuss your ideas and goals with a skilled Los Angeles eyelid lift surgeon to determine which procedures would best help you to achieve your desired results.

An eyelid lift, or upper eyelid surgery, can help you to have a more wide-eyed appearance. Excess skin and fat that appears to droop over your eyelid can be removed and tightened for a smoother, younger look. You can look more refreshed and energized when sagging skin is removed from your eye area.

Another types of surgery for the eyes is called a double eyelid surgery. While not necessarily a lift, excess skin and fat is removed as with an eyelid lift. However, a Los Angeles double eyelid surgeon will also create a fold and an apparent upper eyelid where one was previously absent. This surgery is frequently performed in those with Asian heritage, leading to the name of Asian eyelid surgery for the double eyelid cosmetic procedure.

What Does an Eyelid Lift Do?

An eyelid lift is a term that is often used to refer to upper eyelid surgery. This procedure can help to reduce common signs of aging, such as sagging skin and tissue in the upper eyelid area. You can find out what type of results you might be able to achieve by speaking with an expert in eyelid lift in Los Angeles.

An eyelid lift is used to correct drooping skin that occurs beneath the brow bone. Accumulation of fat and weakened skin tissue can cause the skin in this area to drop down over part or all of the upper eyelid. A skilled surgeon can remove the excess fat, tissue, and skin. The remaining tissue is pulled taut for a smoother appearance.

If the drooping in your upper eyelid area is caused by sagging eyebrows, you may want to consider having a brow lift, also known as a forehead lift to reduce the pressure on the upper eyelid area.

Upper eyelid surgery should not be confused with double eyelid surgery. In the latter procedure, the surgeon can create a fold and a visible upper eyelid that is not always present in certain individuals.

Candidates for Double Eyelid Surgery

When it comes to having any type of surgery done, even of the cosmetic type, it is important to be in good physical health. Make sure that you do not smoke, as this can affect healing that may negatively impact the results of your surgery. You can discuss the surgical aspects more in depth with a skilled Beverly Hills eyelid lift surgeon to find out more.

When it comes to having a double eyelid surgery, this procedure is used to create a fold between the upper eyelashes and the eyebrow to make a functional upper eyelid where none was visibly present. This is especially beneficial to someone who has a full, smooth look to the upper eye area between the brow bone and the lash line of the upper eyelid without the obvious appearance of an upper eyelid.

It is important to have realistic expectations on what this cosmetic procedure can and cannot do for you. Before you have any cosmetic procedure completed, make sure it is for your own personal satisfaction and not to please someone else. An expert in double eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills can determine if you are a good candidate.

Eyelid Surgery Compared to Eyelid Lift

The terms “eyelid surgery” and “eyelid lift” are often used interchangeably to designate a cosmetic surgical procedure to the eyelids. However, there are some distinctly different procedures that you could also refer to with the lift. To determine which procedure would be best for you, you may want to consult with an expert in eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills.

Eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper or the lower eyelid to reduce sagging or puffiness of excess fat, tissue, or skin. The excess is removed while the remainder is pulled taut for a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

In some cases, fillers or implants can be used at the brow area to create a sort of lift in the upper eyelid area. This is useful when there is not enough tissue present for the desired look.

An eyebrow lift, or a forehead lift, is a little more dramatic. The improvements can affect the forehead and eyebrows. Benefits may also be seen in the upper eyelids, so it is important to discuss what results you are looking to achieve with a Beverly Hills eyelid lift expert before you decide on one or more procedures.

Cost of Eyelid Lift Surgery

Drooping tissue below the eyebrow can actually cover your top eyelid and make you look older. Blepharoplasty is surgery of the eyelid and is designed to make you look younger and more rested. The average eyelid surgery cost in Los Angeles caries by patient and can cost thousands of dollars, especially when combined with other types of facial cosmetic surgery.

During the aging process, the skin below the brow bone begins to droop and sag, often before any other signs of aging become apparent. Those affected my also have bags underneath the eyes and have a tired, run-down appearance.

With an eyelid lift, some of the excess fatty tissue underneath the skin may be removed and the skin in the area is pulled a bit tighter to create a more refreshed and youthful appearance. Even bags beneath the eyes may soften due to the release of the excess weight that is no longer present below the eyebrow.

Each individual can expect slightly differing results. Discuss your concerns with a qualified Los Angeles eyelid lift expert to determine what you can expect from this treatment and how much it will cost to have the procedure performed.

When is Eyelid Lift Medically Necessary?

Rejuvenating the eyelids can become medically necessary if the issues are causing a problem in your daily life. Skin that hangs to severely that you cannot fully see can cause issues when you are driving or trying to complete other normal tasks. Our specialist will recommend a surgical eyelid lift to help you get the necessary rejuvenation so that you can stop worrying over the troublesome side effects. Although it might be considered a medical reason for plastic surgery, most insurance companies will not provide help because it is technically a cosmetic procedure.

Aside from helping you see more clearly, an eyelid lift offers a lot of other benefits that you will really appreciate. Rather than continuing to show these advanced age signs, you will have a more attractive upper eyelid area at the conclusion of a rejuvenation treatment. The doctor can also work with the lower lid if there is a lot of fat and sagging in this specific feature, but it does not serve any medical purpose. No matter the reason that you feel ready to undergo a professional eyelid lift, our specialist is here to give you a full consultation and provide the treatment that you want.

When is Eyelid Lift Recommended?

An upper eyelid lift is a great way to rejuvenate the wrinkled, loose skin hanging right above the eyes. It is a treatment that is often recommended to adults that are older, but the same issues can easily occur in people that are younger. Prolonged sun exposure is one reason that a person could show premature age signs in this area, but most of the time it is contributed to genetics. Regardless of the cause, the expert in eyelid lift surgery in Beverly Hills will recommend the treatment if you are found to be the right candidate.

The eyelids are susceptible to aging because they do not have much support like other areas of the face. If the skin starts to become heavy with fat, it is going to worsen any symptoms that you are already experiencing. Invasive eyelid lift surgery involves removing some of the extra tissue and skin so that it results in a tight rejuvenation. An eligible patient might be advised to wait until they are older if the doctor anticipates that the symptoms will worsen. Waiting until the surgery is recommended by our doctor will ensure that the rejuvenation is permanent, or at least very long-term.

Candidates for Eyelid Lifts

It might seem like the best candidates for an eyelid rejuvenation are older people with severe wrinkles and loose skin, but any adult with age symptoms can become a candidate. The expert in eyelid lift in Los Angeles always treats each patient based on their need for treatment because people age at different rates. A young adult might have heavy eyelids that are causing complications, while a much older person could experience very mild symptoms in the same area. If you are serious about surgery, the expert is always willing to start with an evaluation to give you the best advice on your situation.

To begin the consultation, the doctor will want to make sure that your body is safe for treatment. This means that you should be in good health and have no serious conditions that would make it difficult for you to heal after the rejuvenation. Any reputable surgeon is also going to want to discuss your desire for the surgery to understand more about your expectations. With this information, the doctor will feel more comfortable knowing that you are being realistic about the potential results you should experience and that you want surgery for the right reasons.