Surge in Cosmetic Eyelid Surgeries

The popularity of cosmetic treatments for the eyelids is largely due to the Asian eyelid surgery techniques offered by our expert. Traditional rejuvenation techniques have always been popular among older adults that desire a more youthful appearance. There are limited options when it comes to ways that the eyelids can be changed because the area is very simple. In addition to tightening the skin and eliminating fat bulges above the eyes, our specialist can create the appearance of a double eyelid. This is a benefit that appeals to individuals that have a naturally flat eyelid that appears narrow and tight.

Double eyelid surgery is performed in a few different ways, mostly depending on the condition of the area before treatment. A candidate that has very tight skin may need an invasive solution to allow a wider opening, and a similar technique is offered to those with excess loose skin. Incisions are not always needed if the patient has a youthful eyelid that does not require changes beyond the creation of a skin fold. Considering the benefits of going through a double eyelid surgery, it is easy to understand the reason that these techniques have made the treatment increase in popularity.


Cost of Eyelid Surgery

Like any other type of cosmetic surgery procedure, there are costs involved. The surgeon’s fees are the first consideration. Then you will need to find out what is included, or if you will have separate billings for the anesthesiologist, medical tests before the surgery, medications after the surgery, and use of the operating room. Also, you may want to find out if any follow-up appointments are included or charged individually.

Eyelid surgery can cost from about $1,500 to well over $10,000, with the national average coming in at about $3,000. However, each surgeon can determine his or her own rate. This fee is typically based on skill and experience, but can also be affected by geographic location. For example, a Beverly Hills eyelid surgery cost may be more than the same surgery done in a small town.

Cost for upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery, or double eyelid surgery generally includes the procedure on both eyes. Because each case is different, it is important to discuss your goals with a cosmetic surgeon to find out which options will best work for you. Multiple surgeries can be completed together to save on total healing time and cost.

Different Eyelid Surgery Techniques and Their Purposes

There is a specific purpose for every single eyelid surgery technique that is provided by our experienced specialist. One of the most common concerns of these patients is the age symptoms that are taking over the upper eyelid area. A normal rejuvenation is invasive because it serves the purpose of tightening and removing some of the skin in the area. Although it cannot promise permanent results, there are a lot of patients that never require an additional treatment to maintain the tighter appearance throughout their lifetime.

A more specific purpose of upper eyelid surgery is to give Asian patients the double eyelid appearance that they request. Our Beverly Hills double eyelid surgery doctor actually provides this result in a variety of ways that range from highly invasive to non-surgical. It depends on the current condition of the eyelids and any issues that could require a more invasive technique to establish the ideal look. The Beverly Hills Asian eyelid surgery doctor does provide simple rejuvenation as well, but with more consideration to avoid making unnecessary changes to the unique characteristics of the individual receiving treatment. Your surgeon is going to evaluate your specific needs to offer a solution that achieves the specific purpose you request.

Candidates for Double Eyelid Surgery

When it comes to having any type of surgery done, even of the cosmetic type, it is important to be in good physical health. Make sure that you do not smoke, as this can affect healing that may negatively impact the results of your surgery. You can discuss the surgical aspects more in depth with a skilled Beverly Hills eyelid lift surgeon to find out more.

When it comes to having a double eyelid surgery, this procedure is used to create a fold between the upper eyelashes and the eyebrow to make a functional upper eyelid where none was visibly present. This is especially beneficial to someone who has a full, smooth look to the upper eye area between the brow bone and the lash line of the upper eyelid without the obvious appearance of an upper eyelid.

It is important to have realistic expectations on what this cosmetic procedure can and cannot do for you. Before you have any cosmetic procedure completed, make sure it is for your own personal satisfaction and not to please someone else. An expert in double eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills can determine if you are a good candidate.

Eyelid Surgeries and Their Costs

At the initial consultation for an upper eyelid surgery, you will discover that there are a lot of different ways that a doctor can perform eyelid surgery. Although the most important consideration should be your goals for the end result, knowing the varying costs could help you decide between each of the suitable options. Do not allow the eyelid surgery cost in Los Angeles to become the most important factor, but do keep in mind that your specialist might offer more than one suggestion. At this point in the consultation, you may feel more confident committing to an alternative treatment than invasive upper eyelid surgery.

The double eyelid surgery doctor in Los Angeles is going to evaluate how effective each solution is based on the natural appearance of your eyelids. A younger person with youthful looking eyelids might be eligible for the double suture technique of creating a skin fold. This is going to be considerably less expensive than the double eyelid surgeries that involve invasive techniques, and an added benefit is the shorter recovery after treatment. However, you should consider all of the pros and cons of every technique instead of focusing on finding the option with the least expense.

Different Techniques of Eyelid Surgery

A person that is uneducated about plastic surgery procedures may mistakenly believe that there are only a couple of ways to improve the eyelid area. Our specialist can offer different solutions if you feel that you are ready for a rejuvenation in this area, or you do not like the contour of naturally flat skin. An Asian candidate that desires the look of a double eyelid would need to have a scar created or sutures placed in the skin to result in a fold or crease. Our expert in expert in double eyelid surgery in Los Angeles can help you decide which of the special solutions is going to give you the best results according to the natural shape and characteristics of your eyelids.

Plenty of people have the goal to only rejuvenate their eyelids with a simple lifting technique, but special precautions have to be taken for ethnic patients. Our expert in Asian eyelid surgery in Los Angeles is very careful to consider the unique needs of those with distinct eyelid contours that they want to keep. It is entirely possible to get a great rejuvenation without the doctor making any changes that would be unnecessary to the success of the lift.

What You Should Know about Double Eyelid Surgery


There is a lot to learn about any cosmetic surgery treatment that you are interested in undergoing, so you should start by meeting the double eyelid surgeon in Los Angeles. During your personal consultation with the specialist, they are going to fully explain the techniques offered and recommend your best option. Every patient needs to have a full physical examination so that the doctor can learn more about your anatomy and the unique needs that you have as you pursue treatment. You also have a chance to find out the specific double eyelid surgery cost that will be required before you can go through the treatment process.

It is important that you understand the commitment of a true double eyelid surgery before you make up your mind. Doctors are usually unable to restore a single eyelid with flat skin once the permanent crease has been made. You should understand that there is a slight chance that the non-surgical technique could leave you with botched results if the sutures break away from the skin. There is a much higher success rate if you choose to have a real, invasive surgery performed so that the skin fold is created with an actual incision.

Things You Should Discuss with Your Eyelid Surgeon

One of the primary reasons for an eyelid surgery consultation is the opportunity to have a discussion with your specialist. There is a lot that you need to take the time to educate yourself about regarding the treatment so that you can feel confident in every aspect of the procedure. Our double eyelid surgeon in Los Angeles offers a variety of treatments to Asian people, but you should be clear when discussing your actual goals. You have the option to create a double eyelid or go through a discreet rejuvenation depending on the type of treatment that you feel is more appropriate.

Patients that are not Asian also have different reasons that they visit the expert eyelid surgeon. If you are interested in some type of rejuvenation to upper or lower eyelids, the specialist can advise you on the best techniques. You should always discuss potential side effects of the treatment, as well as the eyelid surgery cost in Los Angeles. It is considered an invasive and delicate procedure so you have to be aware of how that can influence the overall expense. With adequate information, you can feel more than confident when it comes time to actually undergo your treatment.

Procedures to Improve Your Eyes

Common age-related issues that affect the eyes are crows feet, bags under the eyes, a flattening of the eyebrows, puffiness of the upper eyelids, and the development of frown lines. There are other issues involving the eyes, such as being born with a monolid, that are not caused by age but still may require treatment for certain patients. There are several procedures available for treating these conditions that are designed to help improve your eyes.

If your eyebrows have started to flatten out, it can make you look upset or angry when that is not really the case. This can affect the eyes because it makes it hard to convey what you are truly feeling with them. An eyebrow lift surgery is a great way of treating this issue. During the procedure, our expert in eyebrow lift surgery in Beverly Hills will make an incision along the forehead near the hairline. The skin will then be lifted and excess skin will be removed. The skin will then be reattached at the incision. Your eyebrows will be brought back to the natural arch aesthetics of youth, making it much easier to express how you are feeling.

A double eyelid surgery is done to place a crease into the upper eyelid of a patient who was born lacking such a crease. While a monolid can function just fine, many patients prefer the aesthetics of the double-lidded look. Contact our expert in double eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills to schedule a consultation if you are interested in improving your eyes using this surgery.

When is Double Eyelid Surgery Recommended?

There are plenty of factors that our expert in double eyelid surgery in Los Angeles evaluates when determining if the treatment can be recommended. It might seem unusual, but the ethnicity of the potential patient is actually one of the most important factors because the monolid appearance is exclusive to Asians. The doctor has to carefully evaluate the condition of the upper eyelid skin to make sure that a treatment will actually be effective and safe for the individual. Double eyelid surgery is usually recommended to anyone that is in good health and wants to end up with a distinct fold in each eyelid with the help of a doctor.

A double suture and twisting procedure can help some people end up with a double eyelid without requiring invasive surgery. However, it cannot be recommended to anyone that has very thick eyelid skin because the crease will not form properly. Another problem that prevents some individuals from becoming a candidate for the non-surgical treatment is the need for certain rejuvenation steps. The double eyelid surgery has to carefully evaluate every single person that takes an interest in the treatment to ensure that they are provided with the absolute best recommendation for their unique issues.