Pros and Cons of Facial Chemical Peels

Chemical peels have an aggressive name, if not reputation, and that can frighten away people who could really benefit. In fact, chemical peels are safe in the hands of a qualified esthetician, and can take years off your appearance.

Do not be dissuaded by the use of chemicals on your skin. When you receive a chemical peel from our expert in facial chemical peels in Encino, the exact concentration of acids and coverings has already been calculated for your exact case. Your progress will be monitored, and your comfort level kept as highest priority.

As with any dermatological procedure, there are pros and cons to facial chemical peels. Pros include:

• A genuine boost of youth—peels expose the brighter, fresher skin underneath for an overall revitalized appearance.
• Just through exfoliation alone, your face sheds dead skin cells which can increase the likelihood of you looking younger. The process also works extremely well against acne and irregular pigmentation.
• Deeper chemical peels firm up the skin, reducing minor to moderate wrinkles.

Here are some cons of facial chemical peels:

• Even the deeper peels do not completely remove deep wrinkles.
• The acidic solution may have side effects, such as redness or dryness.
• They are not cheap, if you want expertise.
• Contact our Encino dermatologist for more about facial chemical peels.