Procedures for Facial Improvements

When we first meet someone, their faces are usually the first thing that we notice. This can be a particularly frustrating truth as we age and start to develop sagging skin and wrinkles. Luckily, there are a number of procedures that are designed to improve the aesthetics of our face.

If you are suffering from a sagging brow, it may make you appear to be sad or angry when you are not. The reason for this is because a sagging brow flattens our natural eyebrow arch aesthetics. A lateral brow lift is a procedure that is designed to restore youthful arch aesthetics to our eyebrows.
A loss of prominence in your cheeks is caused by the fatty tissue that is located below your cheeks starting to descend towards your nose and mouth. The effect of this can be the development of bags under your eyes and prominent nasolabial folds. A cheek lift procedure is especially useful for correcting this issue. During the procedure, our expert in cheek lift surgery in Beverly Hills will raise the fatty tissue below your cheeks onto a higher position on your cheekbones.

Not all facial improvement procedures require surgery. The laser facelift procedure is a good example of this. Just like a normal facelift surgery, a laser facelift is designed to eliminate jowls, marionette lines, and a sagging of the skin around your jaw and neck. Contact our expert in laser facelift in Beverly Hills for more information.


Cheek Lifts and Eyelid Procedures

A universal truth is that, as we age, our skin starts to sag and develop wrinkles. Your face is often one of the first areas where this will be most noticeable. Luckily, there are a variety of procedures that can address these cosmetic concerns.

When our cheeks sag, they make us appear old and tired. Not only do the cheeks take on a slumping appearance, but it can give us deep wrinkles stretching from the nose to the mouth. Sagging cheeks can also create drooping in our outer eyebrow and bags under our eyes. A cheek lift repositions the fatty tissues of the cheek into a higher position, which tightens the skin and adds definition. Wrinkles are then smoothed out and the bags under the eyes disappear. If you are considering a cheek lift procedure, contact our expert in cheek lift surgery in Los Angeles to make an appointment.

Eyelid procedures can be done for either functional or cosmetic reasons. Eyelid procedures are commonly used to correct drooping eyelids, wrinkles around the eyes, and the occurrence of a monolid. A monolid is an eyelid that does not possess the natural-looking crease that many eyelids have as a feature. This condition affects about half of the Asian population, but a double eyelid surgery can place a natural-looking crease. If you are interested in seeing if you are a candidate for double eyelid surgery, contact our expert in double eyelid procedure in Los Angeles to set up a consultation.

Typical Cost of Cheek Lift Surgery

Plastic surgery procedures that are invasive and more complicated to perform require more work, so they end up with a higher cost to perform. One great thing about pursuing a cheek lift is that most cases are very routine and require little additional work. A patient is first placed under anesthesia by the Los Angeles cheek lift surgery expert. Once the patient is asleep, the tissue is lifted, and then sutures are placed to close the incision. Most doctors do not run into unexpected problems, so the fee does not vary much between patients.

Every patient that desires a cheek lift surgery has to cover the expense of anesthesia, the use of any surgical instruments, the time spent in the treatment facility, the prescription antibiotics, the pain medications, and any meetings with the doctor. One reason that the average Los Angeles cheek lift cost may be more expensive than usual is if the patient requests additional augmentation. Adding an enhancement, such as implants, to the same treatment date can actually cut down on some of the fees associated with multiple surgeries, though.

The best way to get an actual cost estimate and a list of the individual fees is to have your cheeks examined. Once the doctor understands the issue and creates a treatment solution, you will be able to fully understand the cost.

What Does Cheek Lift Surgery Cost?

Anyone interested in a cheek lift may feel an immediate concern with the price of treatment. It is smarter to focus on the importance of achieving the appearance that you desire through surgery. The cheek lift cost is overall determined by the complexity of the treatment, the type of anesthesia used, the medical tools, and the appointments with the doctor.

It is always best to work with our Los Angeles cheek lift surgery expert instead of worrying over the cost. Sacrificing treatment quality with a less expensive surgeon is almost a guarantee that a revision will be required at some point in the future. Working with our skilled surgeon provides reassurance that the technique is performed carefully under the most suitable treatment plan.

As with any treatment, anyone that truly wants to experience the benefits of rejuvenation has to be willing to make a sacrifice. Not only must a patient consider the cost of a cheek lift, they must be willing to protect their investment through the recovery. The surgeon is going to provide detailed instructions and medications for the aftercare to provide the opportunity to achieve the best results possible. A patient has to be willing to make the investment of time and money if they want a long-term improvement in their appearance.