Results with Breast Augmentation

It can be very frustrating to struggle with the issues of consistently having to compensate with padded bras for a small chested woman. If you truly feel that you would be happier with larger breasts, an augmentation will help you get to the size that you desire. Some women want to add a single cup size to their breasts, while others want to go a little bigger as a way to draw more attention to the area. It is easiest to determine your potential results from a surgical plastic surgery enhancement by visiting the doctor.

Mostly all of our patients going in for a breast enhancement has the same goal to eventually have a chest that is symmetrical, full, and lifted. If more work is necessary than adding implants, you can expect the results in your post-op breast augmentation picture to be more dramatic. It is possible for someone that has lost volume for any reason to increase their size, while also minimizing the extra skin. This is a full rejuvenation surgery that is more complex as far as the incisions are concerned. You will notice that scarring is minimal with a regular breast augmentation, but a lift is going to increase this issue. As long as you take care of the wounds as they are healing, then the scars should fade until they are not noticeable.