Surge in Cosmetic Eyelid Surgeries

The popularity of cosmetic treatments for the eyelids is largely due to the Asian eyelid surgery techniques offered by our expert. Traditional rejuvenation techniques have always been popular among older adults that desire a more youthful appearance. There are limited options when it comes to ways that the eyelids can be changed because the area is very simple. In addition to tightening the skin and eliminating fat bulges above the eyes, our specialist can create the appearance of a double eyelid. This is a benefit that appeals to individuals that have a naturally flat eyelid that appears narrow and tight.

Double eyelid surgery is performed in a few different ways, mostly depending on the condition of the area before treatment. A candidate that has very tight skin may need an invasive solution to allow a wider opening, and a similar technique is offered to those with excess loose skin. Incisions are not always needed if the patient has a youthful eyelid that does not require changes beyond the creation of a skin fold. Considering the benefits of going through a double eyelid surgery, it is easy to understand the reason that these techniques have made the treatment increase in popularity.


What Does Asian Eyelid Surgery Accomplish?

There are those with certain ethnic backgrounds that are more prone to smoother, fuller skin in the upper eye area. Approximately half of those with an Asian background will not have an obvious crease for the upper eyelid that is appropriately located. Many will not have the appearance of a fold at all, while others will have various depths to their crease. Some will even have multiple creases that are shallow in nature. A facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills can provide you with options for your specific case.

An Asian eyelid surgery is also called a double eyelid surgery. The surgeon will create a fold and remove any excess tissue in the upper eye area to create a natural properly functioning upper eyelid. Depending on the look that you want, the surgeon can maintain the look of your ethnic heritage for a look that has not been obviously corrected by surgery.

When you choose to work with an expert in Asian eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills, you can be sure that you’ll get results that will be in balance with the other features of your face. This will give you a natural, harmonious appearance.

Different Eyelid Surgery Techniques and Their Purposes

There is a specific purpose for every single eyelid surgery technique that is provided by our experienced specialist. One of the most common concerns of these patients is the age symptoms that are taking over the upper eyelid area. A normal rejuvenation is invasive because it serves the purpose of tightening and removing some of the skin in the area. Although it cannot promise permanent results, there are a lot of patients that never require an additional treatment to maintain the tighter appearance throughout their lifetime.

A more specific purpose of upper eyelid surgery is to give Asian patients the double eyelid appearance that they request. Our Beverly Hills double eyelid surgery doctor actually provides this result in a variety of ways that range from highly invasive to non-surgical. It depends on the current condition of the eyelids and any issues that could require a more invasive technique to establish the ideal look. The Beverly Hills Asian eyelid surgery doctor does provide simple rejuvenation as well, but with more consideration to avoid making unnecessary changes to the unique characteristics of the individual receiving treatment. Your surgeon is going to evaluate your specific needs to offer a solution that achieves the specific purpose you request.

Different Techniques of Eyelid Surgery

A person that is uneducated about plastic surgery procedures may mistakenly believe that there are only a couple of ways to improve the eyelid area. Our specialist can offer different solutions if you feel that you are ready for a rejuvenation in this area, or you do not like the contour of naturally flat skin. An Asian candidate that desires the look of a double eyelid would need to have a scar created or sutures placed in the skin to result in a fold or crease. Our expert in expert in double eyelid surgery in Los Angeles can help you decide which of the special solutions is going to give you the best results according to the natural shape and characteristics of your eyelids.

Plenty of people have the goal to only rejuvenate their eyelids with a simple lifting technique, but special precautions have to be taken for ethnic patients. Our expert in Asian eyelid surgery in Los Angeles is very careful to consider the unique needs of those with distinct eyelid contours that they want to keep. It is entirely possible to get a great rejuvenation without the doctor making any changes that would be unnecessary to the success of the lift.

Eyelid Surgery and Eyebrow Lift

Many people are confused when it comes to choosing a cosmetic surgical procedure to help with the area above and around the eyes. Depending on the results that you are looking for, you may wish to have an eyelid surgery, an eyebrow lift, or both. The procedures that will work best for you can be determined by an expert in eyebrow lift in Beverly Hills.

If you have drooping below the brow bone, you may want to have an upper eyelid surgery to remove excess fat tissue and skin to create a more youthful appearance. However, a brow lift may take care of the problem if the heaviness of the brow pressing down is causing the drooping look. You may find that a combination of these two procedures will give you more of the appearance that you want to achieve.

If you have a smooth area from lash line to brow and you want to create the appearance of an upper eyelid, you should talk with an expert in Asian eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills. This procedure is also referred to as a double eyelid surgery and is very common among individuals from Asian backgrounds.

Celebrities and Plastic Surgery

It is difficult to tell that a celebrity has had a plastic surgery procedure done unless they become notable for the wrong reasons. A good treatment should leave a great looking result that appears so natural that you cannot detect the signs of a procedure. It might be surprising to know that our expert in celebrity nose jobs in Beverly Hills has worked with many high profile clients over the years. These same celebrities that have received professional treatment are renowned for their various talents, but they are often most adored for being physically attractive in general.

In addition to nose jobs, the expert in Asian eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills has also worked with celebrities as they started out in the entertainment industry. With this type of procedure, the individual is going to end up looking more youthful and rested in most cases. The other purpose of surgery is to help these people end up with a distinct fold in the flat eyelid skin for a more attractive look. Although changes are being made, with an ethnic treatment there are always very special considerations to ensure that the individual is able to retain the uniqueness of their facial appearance.

How is Asian Eyelid Surgery Done?

The basic purpose of an Asian eyelid surgery compared to a traditional technique is the emphasis on retaining ethnic individuality. No doctor is going to feel comfortable forcing an unnatural eyelid transformation that would make a person seem less unique than before. Asian eyelids are often slanted or almond shaped, and it is important that this is not changed as the specialist follows your desired treatment plan. One change that is different with an Asian eyelid surgery is the potential to create a double eyelid fold. There are ways to achieve this and still get the amount of rejuvenation that you wanted to gain with the help of your surgeon.

Anyone that requests treatment with our expert in Asian eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills is going to go through some basic steps. Either a single long incision or multiple small cuts are going to be made in the upper eyelid where a crease would form naturally. At this point, the surgeon is going to rejuvenate any aged tissue that is no longer in a position to appear youthful. This makes it simpler to determine if any fat needs to be removed, and how much. At the conclusion, the skin rejuvenation is going to look very attractive with the new addition of a double eyelid crease.

Purpose of Asian Eyelid Surgery

Every plastic surgery procedure is intended to help a specific type of person improve some part of their physical appearance. People that request Asian eyelid surgery usually want to end up with a more defined double eyelid because they were born with lids that are naturally flat. With an Asian eyelid surgery, it is possible for the doctor to provide a permanent fold above each lid for increased definition. Another purpose of this treatment is to provide rejuvenation to people of the Asian ethnicity that already have a double eyelid. The doctor is very conservative when providing treatment steps so that the unique shape of the eyes is not altered.

You can expect that the purpose of pretty much any cosmetic surgery treatment is for the patient to end up with a more appealing appearance. It is common for people of the Asian ethnicity to feel that a double eyelid is more attractive, so they often desire treatment if they do not have this trait naturally. They might find that the surgeon highly recommends some level of rejuvenation so that the results are more pleasing and noticeable, but other patients are only interested in the rejuvenation steps. This is why it is important to see the doctor when you want more information about Asian eyelid surgery so that you are given information specific to your own situation.

Expectations with Asian Eyelid Surgery

Every single patient that makes the commitment to arrange an Asian eyelid surgery should have certain expectations about the results. You are basically paying the Asian eyelid surgeon in Beverly Hills to improve your appearance and boost confidence. If you have always wanted a double eyelid, nothing is going to give you the same satisfaction as undergoing surgery. The way that you feel about your outer appearance can be life-changing, and you should expect for your investment in double eyelid surgery to leave you feeling satisfied.

Prior to undergoing surgery, every single patient has to find a doctor that they are interested in working with regarding their treatment. An initial consultation is needed so that the surgeon can get to know your goals, personality, and suitability for the surgery that you desire. It is never too soon to begin educating yourself about the options available by examining Asian eyelid surgery before and after pictures that feature different techniques. The doctor is going to help you reach all of the important decisions based on a professional opinion, but it does not hurt to ensure that you understand the entire procedure that you will be going through to achieve a permanent double eyelid appearance.

How Much Does Eyelid Surgery Cost?

Eyelid surgery can be a particularly effective treatment option if you are suffering from a cosmetic or functional flaw that is affecting your eyelids. The typical cost of an eyelid surgery will vary based on a case-by-case basis, though.

The level of experience that the surgeon performing the procedure has is the first thing you will want to consider in determining the cost of an eyelid surgery. Surgeons that have more experience performing eyelid surgeries tend to cost more than surgeons who are just starting out. Nonetheless, finding somebody with experience is important, as the eyelids are an especially delicate region of your face. Another factor that you will want to keep in mind with regards to cost is the geographic location of where your surgery is being performed. For instance, the Asian eyelid surgery cost in Beverly Hills is probably going to be more expensive than it would be in the Great Plains. Facility fees and anesthesia fees should also be factored into your calculations. Figuring out whether or not your insurance company will cover the procedure is another important element to consider. Remember, financing options exist at most plastic surgery offices if it is not covered.

If you have received unsatisfactory results from a previous upper eyelid surgery, contact our expert in upper eyelid revision in Beverly Hills to set up a consultation.