What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition often erroneously associated with heavy drinking. While skin redness can be a product of alcoholism, rosacea is a chronic disorder with a multi-faceted profile. It has no known cure, but can be managed with palliative care.

Skin redness is the most known evidence of rosacea. Our expert in rosacea in San Fernando Valley has compiled the following short list of symptoms:

• Frequent flushing of the face, especially in the nose and cheeks
• A burning sensation, or swelling of the face
• Papules and pustules on the skin
• Eye irritation
• Thickened skin on the nose, leading to an increase in size

In addition, the following are some known triggers of rosacea:

• Stress/anxiety
• Spicy foods and hot drinks
• Overexposure to heat or sunlight

Adults over the age of 30 are the most common sufferers from rosacea. More women have it than men, but men often have the most severe cases. People with the fairest skin are obviously the most high-risk group.

If you have rosacea, our San Fernando Valley skin doctor will probably start you on a routine of oral or topical medications. What follows may be a mix of lasers, intense light sources, and surgical devices for the more extreme cases, when disfigurement or enlargement has occurred.


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