Choosing the Right Type of Facelift for You

Deciding on the ideal facelift for each unique patient relies on an evaluation provided by a rejuvenation. There are a lot of ways that a specialist can approach this type of treatment because every patient shows age in their own way. A younger adult may not have a condition worth treating with a complicated and invasive surgery, so the doctor will often recommend alternative procedures. The most popular solution for mild issues is to treat with liquid filler and Botox injections because they are instant and inexpensive. Our Beverly Hills liquid facelift has to continue this type of treatment every few months for the patient to continue seeing a rejuvenation.

The non-surgical facelift might recommend laser treatment sessions to a patient that wants a long-term solution without an invasive technique. Special lasers used in these treatments allow the face to gradually repair itself to leave a fuller, more youthful appearance. There is always the option to choose an invasive facelift if you feel that it will be more satisfying to eliminate some excess skin and heaviness from the face. Our treatment specialist is going to begin your treatment with a thorough consultation before offering their advice about your procedure.


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