Non-Surgical Facelift Options

If the signs of time or becoming more apparent on your face but you are not quite ready to undergo actual surgery, you may want to consider some non-surgical options that can give you results similar to what you could achieve with a traditional facelift. While non-surgical choices will not give as dramatic or permanent results as you would get with surgery, non-surgical options can be visible almost immediately in some cases, depending on the treatment method that you choose.

A trending procedure involves the use of dermal fillers. A surgeon can add volume to create more fullness and lift by injecting small amounts of dermal filler in and around affected areas. This can create a smoother, firmer look and a more youthful appearance overall. Other types of injections can be used to prevent further wrinkling of skin.

Heat, light, laser, and ultrasound may also be used to tighten skin and underlying tissues. These treatments may take a little more time to see the results but can delay the need for surgery. You can talk with an expert in non-surgical facelift in Beverly Hills to see what options would work best for you in your specific situation.


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