How Does Eyelid Lift Improve the Appearance of Eyes?

Whether you are unhappy with the appearance of your eyes due to your unique physical features or because of the effects that aging is having on your skin, you might be thinking about cosmetic surgery. You can discuss your ideas and goals with a skilled Los Angeles eyelid lift surgeon to determine which procedures would best help you to achieve your desired results.

An eyelid lift, or upper eyelid surgery, can help you to have a more wide-eyed appearance. Excess skin and fat that appears to droop over your eyelid can be removed and tightened for a smoother, younger look. You can look more refreshed and energized when sagging skin is removed from your eye area.

Another types of surgery for the eyes is called a double eyelid surgery. While not necessarily a lift, excess skin and fat is removed as with an eyelid lift. However, a Los Angeles double eyelid surgeon will also create a fold and an apparent upper eyelid where one was previously absent. This surgery is frequently performed in those with Asian heritage, leading to the name of Asian eyelid surgery for the double eyelid cosmetic procedure.


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