What Does Asian Eyelid Surgery Accomplish?

There are those with certain ethnic backgrounds that are more prone to smoother, fuller skin in the upper eye area. Approximately half of those with an Asian background will not have an obvious crease for the upper eyelid that is appropriately located. Many will not have the appearance of a fold at all, while others will have various depths to their crease. Some will even have multiple creases that are shallow in nature. A facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills can provide you with options for your specific case.

An Asian eyelid surgery is also called a double eyelid surgery. The surgeon will create a fold and remove any excess tissue in the upper eye area to create a natural properly functioning upper eyelid. Depending on the look that you want, the surgeon can maintain the look of your ethnic heritage for a look that has not been obviously corrected by surgery.

When you choose to work with an expert in Asian eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills, you can be sure that you’ll get results that will be in balance with the other features of your face. This will give you a natural, harmonious appearance.


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