Cost of Different Rhinoplasty Techniques

Nose job solutions are limited to only a couple of technique options because the area is very unique. Making changes to the structure of the nose often involves creating an incision before more invasive steps are followed. Realigning a crooked nose is usually achieved best by forcefully breaking the bone so that it can be reset. Although this may sound traumatic, it is always performed while the patient is resting comfortably under anesthesia. A traditional nose job is the most expensive option because it provides the most opportunity to change major flaws with the function, shape, or size of the nose.

The rhinoplasty cost in Beverly Hills is less expensive if a candidate feels confident that an alternative treatment is desired. A non-surgical technique is going to be performed with the injection of facial filler into specific areas of the nose as needed. Although it does not offer any change in function, the technique can be very effective in regards to improving the shape of the nose. Our expert in non-surgical rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills finds that many candidates for treatment actually prefer this option simply because it is less complex and does not require such a large initial investment.


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