Different Eyelid Surgery Techniques and Their Purposes

There is a specific purpose for every single eyelid surgery technique that is provided by our experienced specialist. One of the most common concerns of these patients is the age symptoms that are taking over the upper eyelid area. A normal rejuvenation is invasive because it serves the purpose of tightening and removing some of the skin in the area. Although it cannot promise permanent results, there are a lot of patients that never require an additional treatment to maintain the tighter appearance throughout their lifetime.

A more specific purpose of upper eyelid surgery is to give Asian patients the double eyelid appearance that they request. Our Beverly Hills double eyelid surgery doctor actually provides this result in a variety of ways that range from highly invasive to non-surgical. It depends on the current condition of the eyelids and any issues that could require a more invasive technique to establish the ideal look. The Beverly Hills Asian eyelid surgery doctor does provide simple rejuvenation as well, but with more consideration to avoid making unnecessary changes to the unique characteristics of the individual receiving treatment. Your surgeon is going to evaluate your specific needs to offer a solution that achieves the specific purpose you request.


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