Eyelid Surgery Compared to Eyelid Lift

The terms “eyelid surgery” and “eyelid lift” are often used interchangeably to designate a cosmetic surgical procedure to the eyelids. However, there are some distinctly different procedures that you could also refer to with the lift. To determine which procedure would be best for you, you may want to consult with an expert in eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills.

Eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper or the lower eyelid to reduce sagging or puffiness of excess fat, tissue, or skin. The excess is removed while the remainder is pulled taut for a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

In some cases, fillers or implants can be used at the brow area to create a sort of lift in the upper eyelid area. This is useful when there is not enough tissue present for the desired look.

An eyebrow lift, or a forehead lift, is a little more dramatic. The improvements can affect the forehead and eyebrows. Benefits may also be seen in the upper eyelids, so it is important to discuss what results you are looking to achieve with a Beverly Hills eyelid lift expert before you decide on one or more procedures.


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