Facelift Techniques

Depending on the results you want and your individual features, there are various techniques that can be used during a facelift. A skilled Beverly Hills facelift surgeon can determine the best method for your circumstances.

During the surgery incisions are made that can range in length. The skin and muscle layer are tightened, excess skin and fat may be removed, then all of the layers of muscle, tissue, and skin are positioned and attached securely to reduce sagging and wrinkles to create a smoother, firmer appearance that can make you look many years younger. How much of the face is involved as well as how many layers of tissue are affected will be explained by your surgeon.

With the latest advance, a Beverly Hills liquid facelift doctor can create a similar appearance to having an actual facelift without the need for surgery. This liquid facelift is performed with injections, filler, and even implants. Volume can be added to precise areas on your face to create more fullness. Fillers can also be used to add lift to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Fillers and implants can also create contours for a more youthful appearance immediately without any down time.


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