What You Should Know about Double Eyelid Surgery


There is a lot to learn about any cosmetic surgery treatment that you are interested in undergoing, so you should start by meeting the double eyelid surgeon in Los Angeles. During your personal consultation with the specialist, they are going to fully explain the techniques offered and recommend your best option. Every patient needs to have a full physical examination so that the doctor can learn more about your anatomy and the unique needs that you have as you pursue treatment. You also have a chance to find out the specific double eyelid surgery cost that will be required before you can go through the treatment process.

It is important that you understand the commitment of a true double eyelid surgery before you make up your mind. Doctors are usually unable to restore a single eyelid with flat skin once the permanent crease has been made. You should understand that there is a slight chance that the non-surgical technique could leave you with botched results if the sutures break away from the skin. There is a much higher success rate if you choose to have a real, invasive surgery performed so that the skin fold is created with an actual incision.


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