Cost of Eyelid Lift Surgery

Drooping tissue below the eyebrow can actually cover your top eyelid and make you look older. Blepharoplasty is surgery of the eyelid and is designed to make you look younger and more rested. The average eyelid surgery cost in Los Angeles caries by patient and can cost thousands of dollars, especially when combined with other types of facial cosmetic surgery.

During the aging process, the skin below the brow bone begins to droop and sag, often before any other signs of aging become apparent. Those affected my also have bags underneath the eyes and have a tired, run-down appearance.

With an eyelid lift, some of the excess fatty tissue underneath the skin may be removed and the skin in the area is pulled a bit tighter to create a more refreshed and youthful appearance. Even bags beneath the eyes may soften due to the release of the excess weight that is no longer present below the eyebrow.

Each individual can expect slightly differing results. Discuss your concerns with a qualified Los Angeles eyelid lift expert to determine what you can expect from this treatment and how much it will cost to have the procedure performed.

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