Liquid Facelifts and What You Should Know about Them

A lot of people have become interested in the benefits of a liquid facelift once they realize their it can be very effective. It might seem like there is no way that facial filler could logically mimic the results of actual skin and tissue rejuvenation, but it makes sense once explained. Our Los Angeles liquid facelift expert implements multiple types of fillers that achieve different tasks, such as smoothing wrinkles. Botox is often used as a way to provide the actual lifting appearance because it causes the muscle to react in a way that looks lifted. The actual filling is done with hyaluronic acid products because it is very safe and effective when introduced to the body.

You should be aware that the results are not going to last more than a few months unless you commit to another treatment for maintenance. Otherwise, you would return to your natural aged appearance as the materials are absorbed into the body. It is always possible to continue injections long-term, or to decide that you would actually like to have the surgery for a lasting rejuvenation. Liquid facelifts do not have a lot of side effects, and the patients that choose this solution can actually appreciate the improvement in the same day as they see the doctor.


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