Do Eyebrow Lifts Require Surgery?

It is never a requirement for an eyebrow lift patient to actually have invasive surgery if they want to pursue other options. With surgery, there is a lot more risk and expense that the patient has to feel confident with before they can move forward. Long term benefits are easily achieved when surgery is performed, but there are a lot of immediate benefits for those that choose to have alternative treatments as well. The expert in brow lift in Beverly Hills often recommends that a new patient start out with a liquid brow lift to understand more about their potential as a patient, but they may decide to move forward with real surgery in the future.

In addition to liquid treatments, the surgeon also offers a solution that relies on the use of a special resurfacing laser. It does provide some results in the first treatment, especially if you have a lot of room to improve the surface layer of your skin. The real benefits are noticeable after a few treatments have been completed because the face is going to begin producing more collagen. As a result, there will be more of a plump and youthful look in areas that were flatted with age. As wrinkles are reduced, this solution can become more beneficial than actually going through a brow lift surgery.


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