Steps in Brow Lift Surgery

It is not always easy to know what steps to expect in a brow lift surgery until you have a chance to decide which technique is your best option. Going through a real brow lift surgery does mean that filler is not going to be used because more invasive steps are needed. The Beverly Hills brow lift expert is going to limit the amount of work you go through to the specific issues that need to be addressed in treatment. This means that there will be no unnecessary steps that could cause you to end up looking over-corrected.

Anesthesia will lead your treatment, regardless of your pain tolerance or personal preference. It is used to make the procedure safer, while also making it easier for the doctor to focus on the important task of achieving your goals. Incision areas will be marked according to the technique you choose and the actual procedure plan that you feel most comfortable with. These are going to open the treatment area and allow the doctor to completely rejuvenate the muscle and skin as needed to achieve a more youthful appeal. Additional steps may be added if you need anything else done that does not follow the very basic plan of brow rejuvenation.

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