Purpose of Otoplasty

The basic reason behind a patient deciding to have an Otoplasty treatment is to change the appearance of their ears. This treatment can vary greatly from one person to the next, because the ears often have very unique abnormalities that can be corrected by the specialist. In very young patients, the purpose of Otoplasty is to correct visible birth defects at an age that they would be unlikely to even remember the treatment took place. Usually parents make this decision based on the desire to have their child live a normal life without dealing with any potential ridicule or embarrassment.

Adults often choose to get the help of our Los Angeles Otoplasty surgeon because they want their ears to look more uniform or fitting. After a lifetime of living with certain issues, it can become a very real desire to actually take action against ears that seem too large or dramatically unmatched. Another purpose of Otoplasty is to overcome traumatic injuries that have caused one or both ears to appear deformed. Professional fighters typically seek this surgery at the conclusion of their career, but trauma can really happen unexpectedly to a person with any lifestyle as a result of an accident.


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