How is Asian Eyelid Surgery Done?

The basic purpose of an Asian eyelid surgery compared to a traditional technique is the emphasis on retaining ethnic individuality. No doctor is going to feel comfortable forcing an unnatural eyelid transformation that would make a person seem less unique than before. Asian eyelids are often slanted or almond shaped, and it is important that this is not changed as the specialist follows your desired treatment plan. One change that is different with an Asian eyelid surgery is the potential to create a double eyelid fold. There are ways to achieve this and still get the amount of rejuvenation that you wanted to gain with the help of your surgeon.

Anyone that requests treatment with our expert in Asian eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills is going to go through some basic steps. Either a single long incision or multiple small cuts are going to be made in the upper eyelid where a crease would form naturally. At this point, the surgeon is going to rejuvenate any aged tissue that is no longer in a position to appear youthful. This makes it simpler to determine if any fat needs to be removed, and how much. At the conclusion, the skin rejuvenation is going to look very attractive with the new addition of a double eyelid crease.

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