Advantages of Liquid Facelifts

There are plenty of reasons that you will find our specialist recommending the alternative treatment to an invasive facelift to a qualifying candidate. A lot of risk is involved in the traditional facelift and most doctors do not find them to be necessary for all people wishing for rejuvenation. It can lead to extreme tightness in some areas if they are accidentally over-corrected, and it can be difficult to make the final result look as natural as desired. No one wants to look like they have had work done, so it is usually best to find out if you can get the right results with a liquid facelift instead.

Our Beverly Hills liquid facelift expert can provide treatment to candidates that are not suitable for the more traditional surgery for any reason. The liquid injections improve facial contours and eliminate the majority of wrinkles very easily without a lot of unnecessary trauma. As the filler is added, you will be awake and aware so that you can help the specialist determine when you have achieved the best rejuvenation. A big advantage with a lot of people actually involves the recovery because most filler products will not create a negative reaction in the body. There are also no incisions to heal so you can get back to normal within a couple of days after the liquid facelift.


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