Celebrities and Their Nose Jobs

You may have noticed that a lot of notable celebrities seem to have absolutely perfect features, especially their noses. This is a major focal point on the face and it is difficult to become respected in the spotlight if you have a visibly unusual appearance. The focus would be drawn to the nose for negative reasons and take the attention away from their actual talents. It is common that a celebrity nose job would happen early in the career of a famous person because it creates a lot more potential to gain notoriety and respect.

The actual procedure provided to a celebrity client is the same as any other person, with some emphasis on discretion. People do not want to be seen entering or leaving a surgical facility, and they often try to stay out of the public eye while they are recovering. This is also true of patients that work normal jobs because no one wants to draw attention to their negative features by showing off bandages and bruises. All clients are given the benefit of a discreet treatment that is going to leave such a great looking result that no one will be able to tell that it is due to the help of a nose job specialist.


Celebrities and Plastic Surgery

It is difficult to tell that a celebrity has had a plastic surgery procedure done unless they become notable for the wrong reasons. A good treatment should leave a great looking result that appears so natural that you cannot detect the signs of a procedure. It might be surprising to know that our expert in celebrity nose jobs in Beverly Hills has worked with many high profile clients over the years. These same celebrities that have received professional treatment are renowned for their various talents, but they are often most adored for being physically attractive in general.

In addition to nose jobs, the expert in Asian eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills has also worked with celebrities as they started out in the entertainment industry. With this type of procedure, the individual is going to end up looking more youthful and rested in most cases. The other purpose of surgery is to help these people end up with a distinct fold in the flat eyelid skin for a more attractive look. Although changes are being made, with an ethnic treatment there are always very special considerations to ensure that the individual is able to retain the uniqueness of their facial appearance.

How is Asian Eyelid Surgery Done?

The basic purpose of an Asian eyelid surgery compared to a traditional technique is the emphasis on retaining ethnic individuality. No doctor is going to feel comfortable forcing an unnatural eyelid transformation that would make a person seem less unique than before. Asian eyelids are often slanted or almond shaped, and it is important that this is not changed as the specialist follows your desired treatment plan. One change that is different with an Asian eyelid surgery is the potential to create a double eyelid fold. There are ways to achieve this and still get the amount of rejuvenation that you wanted to gain with the help of your surgeon.

Anyone that requests treatment with our expert in Asian eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills is going to go through some basic steps. Either a single long incision or multiple small cuts are going to be made in the upper eyelid where a crease would form naturally. At this point, the surgeon is going to rejuvenate any aged tissue that is no longer in a position to appear youthful. This makes it simpler to determine if any fat needs to be removed, and how much. At the conclusion, the skin rejuvenation is going to look very attractive with the new addition of a double eyelid crease.

Advantages of Liquid Facelifts

There are plenty of reasons that you will find our specialist recommending the alternative treatment to an invasive facelift to a qualifying candidate. A lot of risk is involved in the traditional facelift and most doctors do not find them to be necessary for all people wishing for rejuvenation. It can lead to extreme tightness in some areas if they are accidentally over-corrected, and it can be difficult to make the final result look as natural as desired. No one wants to look like they have had work done, so it is usually best to find out if you can get the right results with a liquid facelift instead.

Our Beverly Hills liquid facelift expert can provide treatment to candidates that are not suitable for the more traditional surgery for any reason. The liquid injections improve facial contours and eliminate the majority of wrinkles very easily without a lot of unnecessary trauma. As the filler is added, you will be awake and aware so that you can help the specialist determine when you have achieved the best rejuvenation. A big advantage with a lot of people actually involves the recovery because most filler products will not create a negative reaction in the body. There are also no incisions to heal so you can get back to normal within a couple of days after the liquid facelift.

Price Range for Breast Reduction

The affordability of a breast reduction can rely on a few factors, including the willingness of your insurance company to help out. Very large breasts that cause back and shoulder pain can actually become a severe medical issue when looking at the big picture. These woman are unable to live comfortably due to their natural body that they cannot control. It is important for these patients to have a chance to reduce their breast size permanently, regardless of the expense that they have to pay. The plastic surgeon in Los Angeles is going to discuss the price range after you have gone through the entire treatment consultation in their office.

Factors that are included in breast reduction prices in Los Angeles are not limited to paying the specialist. As a patient, you are expected to cover the expense of anesthesia and the time that you must spend in the facility for treatment. Any visits that you make with the specialist before and after surgery are a part of the expense as well so that you do not have to worry about additional expenses when you need to see the doctor. If your insurance company is willing to cover the breast reduction, you could have the needed treatment at a lower cost than normal.

Newer Plastic Surgery Options

One of the newest trends in plastic surgery is the non-surgical approach. Using injectable materials such as dermal fillers and Botox, plastic surgeons are able to offer their patients non-invasive treatment options.

The liquid facelift is one such example of a non surgical procedure.  The dermal fillers that are used are typically hyaluronic acid-based, and they are injected in order to restore volume to the face. While they are great at adding volume, they do not necessarily treat the wrinkles that may have developed. That is where Botox comes into play. Botox is also injected in order to smooth out the wrinkles. Contact our liquid facelift surgeon in Los Angeles for more information.

The non surgical rhinoplasty is another great example of a newer plastic surgery option. This procedure uses dermal fillers in order to reshape the nose. The non surgical rhinoplasty can be used to conceal a bump, raise a drooping tip, and augment a low bridge. If you suffered asymmetry after a surgical rhinoplasty, dermal fillers can also be used to correct that. If you are interested in learning if the non surgical rhinoplasty is right for you, contact our expert in non surgical rhinoplasty in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.

Preparing for Eyebrow Lifts

Getting yourself ready for surgery takes more than simply showing up the morning that it is scheduled. One important preparation step is to make arrangements with work so that you can take enough time off to recovery adequately. You also need to have a relative or trusted friend prepare to stay in your home until you are well enough to handle ordinary household responsibilities on your own again. The expert in eyebrow lift in Los Angeles might also provide some instructions for you to follow in the days before surgery, such as taking multivitamins to boost your overall health.

Prior to scheduling the eyebrow lift, the surgeon is going to require that you go through some steps actually qualify for the procedure. A non-invasive technique might be suitable for almost anyone, but real surgery is only performed on people that are healthy enough. Your medical history will be looked through carefully to find any conditions or illnesses that could potentially make you a poor candidate. Some medications that you are required to take could prevent you from becoming a candidate as well, so it is best to talk with the doctor before you begin preparing yourself for the actual treatment.

What is Upper Eyelid Surgery Done for?

The real purpose of upper eyelid surgery is to target the facial area that has started to show the earliest evidence of aging. A lot of these patients turn to the expert in upper eyelid surgery in Los Angeles for skin rejuvenation and elimination of any bulky fat. Once someone starts noticing these issues, they are only going to get worse as more years go by without some sort of relief. Upper eyelid surgery gets rid of wrinkles and bulging fat so that the area is going to look more youthful and attractive.

Upper eyelid surgery can also be a solution if loose skin has started to create issues with vision or the application of cosmetics. Without tightness in this area, makeup can look strange as it settles into unusual creases and wrinkles in the skin. If the skin is loose, it might hang enough to cause vision obstructions when trying to view objects to the sides. All of these issues are fixed with a simple upper eyelid surgery if you work with a surgeon that has the skill to make you more youthful. Results can be almost permanent because most people never need to go back for a revision after they are treated with the rejuvenation.

When is Eyelid Lift Medically Necessary?

Rejuvenating the eyelids can become medically necessary if the issues are causing a problem in your daily life. Skin that hangs to severely that you cannot fully see can cause issues when you are driving or trying to complete other normal tasks. Our specialist will recommend a surgical eyelid lift to help you get the necessary rejuvenation so that you can stop worrying over the troublesome side effects. Although it might be considered a medical reason for plastic surgery, most insurance companies will not provide help because it is technically a cosmetic procedure.

Aside from helping you see more clearly, an eyelid lift offers a lot of other benefits that you will really appreciate. Rather than continuing to show these advanced age signs, you will have a more attractive upper eyelid area at the conclusion of a rejuvenation treatment. The doctor can also work with the lower lid if there is a lot of fat and sagging in this specific feature, but it does not serve any medical purpose. No matter the reason that you feel ready to undergo a professional eyelid lift, our specialist is here to give you a full consultation and provide the treatment that you want.

How Many Types of Skin Cancer are there?

There are three major skin cancer types. They are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma.

Basal cell carcinoma is caused by your skin being overexposed to sun. The tumors usually take the form of small, shiny bumps. Waxy, hard skin growth can also be a warning sign of basal cell carcinoma. While this is the least deadly type of skin cancer, and it is unlikely to spread to other parts of your body, it is possible for it to cause disfigurement and even death if not treated early enough.

Squamous cell carcinoma is also caused by being exposed to too much UV radiation, and often takes the form of red scaly patches, open sores, or crusty warts. If these tumors are allowed to grow, they can become deadly, but is fairly easy to treat if caught early enough.

Melanoma is the most serious and the most deadly type of skin cancer. Most melanomas are black or brown, but they can be pink, red, purple, blue, or white. The best way to identify melanoma is to use the ABDE method. This means that any mole that displays asymmetry, uneven borders, a variety of colors, a large diameter, or seems to be evolving should be evaluated by our skin doctor in Encino.