When is Eyelid Lift Recommended?

An upper eyelid lift is a great way to rejuvenate the wrinkled, loose skin hanging right above the eyes. It is a treatment that is often recommended to adults that are older, but the same issues can easily occur in people that are younger. Prolonged sun exposure is one reason that a person could show premature age signs in this area, but most of the time it is contributed to genetics. Regardless of the cause, the expert in eyelid lift surgery in Beverly Hills will recommend the treatment if you are found to be the right candidate.

The eyelids are susceptible to aging because they do not have much support like other areas of the face. If the skin starts to become heavy with fat, it is going to worsen any symptoms that you are already experiencing. Invasive eyelid lift surgery involves removing some of the extra tissue and skin so that it results in a tight rejuvenation. An eligible patient might be advised to wait until they are older if the doctor anticipates that the symptoms will worsen. Waiting until the surgery is recommended by our doctor will ensure that the rejuvenation is permanent, or at least very long-term.


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