Candidates for Eyelid Lifts

It might seem like the best candidates for an eyelid rejuvenation are older people with severe wrinkles and loose skin, but any adult with age symptoms can become a candidate. The expert in eyelid lift in Los Angeles always treats each patient based on their need for treatment because people age at different rates. A young adult might have heavy eyelids that are causing complications, while a much older person could experience very mild symptoms in the same area. If you are serious about surgery, the expert is always willing to start with an evaluation to give you the best advice on your situation.

To begin the consultation, the doctor will want to make sure that your body is safe for treatment. This means that you should be in good health and have no serious conditions that would make it difficult for you to heal after the rejuvenation. Any reputable surgeon is also going to want to discuss your desire for the surgery to understand more about your expectations. With this information, the doctor will feel more comfortable knowing that you are being realistic about the potential results you should experience and that you want surgery for the right reasons.


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