Why Have Eyelid Surgery

There are a lot of reasons why a person might feel that they need to have a surgery, specifically to treat the upper eyelids. Double eyelid surgery is very popular with people in the Asian community because it is the only way to add contour to flat skin. As the doctor makes a fold with sutures or incisions, the entire eyelid is going to look more attractive and defined. There is also a different Asian eyelid surgery that is intended to provide rejuvenation to those with a natural eyelid crease. It basically relies on conservative methods of tightening and lifting to make the eyelids more youthful without making any noticeable changes to the unique shape.

Rejuvenation surgery in general is popular with all ethnicities because the eyes show very obvious age signs compared to other facial features. Once they begin to take on major wrinkles, the skin is going to look very thin and heavy. It might make the patient look constantly tired or mad when they actually have no control over the way that their eyelids look. With surgery, an experienced doctor can perform a series of steps that leave a refreshed look that is more warm and inviting.


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