Purpose of Asian Eyelid Surgery

Every plastic surgery procedure is intended to help a specific type of person improve some part of their physical appearance. People that request Asian eyelid surgery usually want to end up with a more defined double eyelid because they were born with lids that are naturally flat. With an Asian eyelid surgery, it is possible for the doctor to provide a permanent fold above each lid for increased definition. Another purpose of this treatment is to provide rejuvenation to people of the Asian ethnicity that already have a double eyelid. The doctor is very conservative when providing treatment steps so that the unique shape of the eyes is not altered.

You can expect that the purpose of pretty much any cosmetic surgery treatment is for the patient to end up with a more appealing appearance. It is common for people of the Asian ethnicity to feel that a double eyelid is more attractive, so they often desire treatment if they do not have this trait naturally. They might find that the surgeon highly recommends some level of rejuvenation so that the results are more pleasing and noticeable, but other patients are only interested in the rejuvenation steps. This is why it is important to see the doctor when you want more information about Asian eyelid surgery so that you are given information specific to your own situation.


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