When is Double Eyelid Surgery Recommended?

There are plenty of factors that our expert in double eyelid surgery in Los Angeles evaluates when determining if the treatment can be recommended. It might seem unusual, but the ethnicity of the potential patient is actually one of the most important factors because the monolid appearance is exclusive to Asians. The doctor has to carefully evaluate the condition of the upper eyelid skin to make sure that a treatment will actually be effective and safe for the individual. Double eyelid surgery is usually recommended to anyone that is in good health and wants to end up with a distinct fold in each eyelid with the help of a doctor.

A double suture and twisting procedure can help some people end up with a double eyelid without requiring invasive surgery. However, it cannot be recommended to anyone that has very thick eyelid skin because the crease will not form properly. Another problem that prevents some individuals from becoming a candidate for the non-surgical treatment is the need for certain rejuvenation steps. The double eyelid surgery has to carefully evaluate every single person that takes an interest in the treatment to ensure that they are provided with the absolute best recommendation for their unique issues.


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