Best Age to Get a Nose Job

There is not a specific age that a patient should wait to have a nose job if they are certain that the improvement is desired. Teenagers under the age of 18 could go through treatment with permission from their parents if the expert in nose job in Beverly Hills feels that they are adequately developed. A successful nose job has the potential to last an entire lifetime because this specific area does not age, so younger patients have the most opportunity to appreciate their results.

A younger patient usually desires a rhinoplasty to finally correct issues that they have dealt with their entire life. With genetics aside, other people that request a nose job might be suffering the side effects of an injury. Our skilled surgeon works with first-time rhinoplasty patients, revision treatments, and reconstructive techniques that help trauma victims. Anyone that is healthy enough to get through the invasive surgery and progress through the recovery at a normal rate can become a candidate for surgery. The only time our doctor really has to evaluate the age of a person is when they are a young teenager or much older than the typical patient. It does not automatically disqualify a person from getting their desired treatment, but safety is a top priority with this type of surgery.

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