Average Cost of Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, whether to address a monolid or a hooded eyelid, is a relatively simple but exceptionally delicate procedure. For individuals seeking this procedure, the results can be rather dramatic given the it essentially only involves creating a minor scar that then mimics a natural crease.

Patients that undergo this treatment do so because of their dissatisfaction with their current appearance. And rather than having this dissatisfaction follow them around for the rest of their lives, they decide to do something about it. For such patients, the cost is a relatively minor issue.

Eyelid surgery prices in Beverly Hills can vary significantly based on the experience, education, and professionalism of the surgeon performing the procedure. When looking for one, request a free consultation and get the exact cost as it pertains to your particular situation, which should be broken down by line items. Obviously, because this procedure is elective, meaning that it is not medically necessary, doctors can and will make money on it. The fees paid to the doctor will be clear in an estimate, and may be reflective of their quality of work.

Since the eyes are literally the first thing anyone sees of you, the cost should not be the only or even primary factor in determining which surgeon to choose. Contact our expert in surgical plastic surgery in Beverly Hills to get an estimate without any commitment or pressure.


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