How Eyebrow Lifts Work

The main intention of a surgical eyebrow lift is to restore the natural position of this feature once it has sunken into a lower placement. It is not very complex to understand how this works, but there are plenty of different ways to achieve a similar result. A consultation exam is going to help narrow the options so that you can really focus on figuring out which treatment is going to leave you feeling the highest level of satisfaction.

A liquid brow lift works with the added volume created by injecting material into noticeable wrinkles. This is accompanied by Botox so that the underlying muscle will help create a very satisfying rejuvenation without invasive surgery. If the desire is to not require any additional treatments, it is going to be necessary to invest your efforts into one of the surgical options. Lateral lifts work by rejuvenating the skin and tissue discretely toward each temple. Direct lifts are much simpler because the surgeon lifts tissue as skin as needed with incisions very close to the actual brow. Traditional forehead lifts offer the most benefit as the surgeon uses a long hairline incision to effectively tighten a big area of muscle and skin.


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