How Liquid Facelift Works

The basic idea behind a liquid facelift is to smooth creases and wrinkles to fill out the loose skin. This is achieved by adding syringes of different filler materials as needed directly into the problem areas to make them appear more full. One of the main products used by the expert in liquid facelift in Beverly Hills hyaluronic acid because it is universally safe. When placed into wrinkles, it is going to leave a natural looking smoothness that is free from visible lumps. Another product that might be recommended is Botox to assist with the actual lifting of muscle if the patient has severe sagging.

Most patients choose to stay awake during their liquid facelift to observe the process as it happens. Although there is little chance of distortion, it is helpful to be able to indicate to the doctor when enough filler has been added. Results are going to be immediate because there is no downtime other than allowing the incision spots to heal from the injections. Your face is going to look much smoother and younger without any scars from real incisions. This is a very temporary improvement, but the doctor could add your own fat grafts to the liquid facelift treatment to help you retain the smooth look for a longer time.


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