How Rhinoplasty Works

Understanding plastic surgery is not as simple as comparing the before and after pictures of a nose job patient. Rhinoplasty is one of the most invasive types of facial plastic surgery because it usually involves breaking bone, removing cartilage, and manipulating an otherwise solid structure. Many of the patients desiring treatment from our Beverly Hills rhinoplasty expert would be more than happy to go under sedation without knowing the details of surgery. However, it is always best to get the most information possible so that you know what is going on as you are resting.

A nose job starts with a small incision inside the nostril or at the base where it will be hidden naturally. If the bridge needs to be straightened or smoothed, the doctor might need to fracture the bone to make it easy to reshape as needed. Minimizing any part of the nose requires the removal of bone or cartilage in the appropriate areas. Plenty of patients only want to straighten their airways or refine the tip of the nose, and our doctor accommodates these requests without a problem. At the end of the entire procedure, a splint is going to be used to stabilize the nose so that it can heal properly.


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