Purpose of Ear Surgery

All cosmetic surgery procedures are performed to help a patient feel more confident in their appearance, even if it is to correct a seemingly minor area like the ears. There are a lot of different concerns that an ear surgery patient might have relating specifically to the appearance. A good portion of patients simply want to have their ears pinned back or reduced to fit more appropriately with the size of the head. It is also possible for the doctor to add donor cartilage to build up unusually small ears to make them seem more fitting. Sometimes a patient might be born with a birth defect that requires a very similar treatment. Regardless of the goal, the purpose of ear surgery is to make sure that the patient can feel more comfortable with their look.

The expert in ear surgery in Los Angeles can treat some issues caused by sudden trauma, like the cauliflower appearance. This usually happens to professional fighters or individuals with injuries caused by a major auto accident. The reconstruction process can be very complex to go through, but it is going to feel worth it to achieve an appearance that seems closer to your original appearance.

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