What is Melanoma Skin Cancer?

DNA is often called “the building blocks of life” because it is essential to organic life. You might even say that it is organic life. Every person that has ever lived was made up of their particular strand of DNA, unique to them. So unique, in fact, that it is used in police work today in crime scene investigations. In its natural course, DNA replicates itself. In fact, it is necessary for life, as DNA strands are constantly dying and being replaced.

Melanoma skin cancer occurs when a skin cell is damaged by ultraviolet radiation, usually from sun exposure or tanning beds. The damage to the skin cell alters the DNA of it, which then replicates this poor structure over and over. As the process is repeated, the number of damaged cells begins to grow. The problem is that this poor DNA structure is not able to sustain life. In other words, you can die from it.

In fact, melanoma skin cancer is the deadliest form of skin cancer as it can spread to other parts of the body, replicating this damaged DNA everywhere. However, as our expert in treatment of melanoma cell skin cancer in Tarzana will tell you, it is actually highly treatable. The key is early detection.

Melanoma skin cancer often begins inside an existing mole, or it creates one. The emergence of new moles is important to have checked, as are any changes in color, size, or shape of existing ones. Our Tarzana skin doctor recommends annual visits to examine any skin abnormalities so that any possible melanoma skin cancer is caught early. Between visits, you should be doing monthly self-examinations of any moles.

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