What is Liquid Facelift?

One of the most exciting opportunities for potential facelift patients is the chance to have a liquid or chemical rejuvenation. By using different filler materials, such as Botox and donor fat, the doctor can easily create a similar result as real surgery. The basic technique involves adding youthful contours to key areas, filling out wrinkles, and causing the muscles to lift temporarily with Botox. Instead of using invasive steps under general anesthesia, the doctor uses a syringe inject liquids with only a local or topical anesthetic.

It might seem like the expert in liquid facelift in Beverly Hills would only offer this treatment to people that are too young to need real surgery. However, it actually shows the most obvious improvement for someone that has a considerable amount of wrinkles and loose skin. There are a lot of benefits to avoiding invasive surgery, such as less cost and immediate improvement. A bit of filler material has the potential to leave a great looking result without requiring weeks of recovery and side effects. If you have a medical complication that prevents you from going under anesthesia, alternative treatments such as a liquid facelift open up a world of opportunities you would not have otherwise.


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