Types of Cheek Lift Procedure

There are two ways that the cheek lift surgeon in Beverly Hills can improve the contour of the area. With true surgery, an incision is made inside the cheek to allow the doctor to access the fat pad that needs to be lifted on each side. Another way that you could achieve a similar result is through filler injections in the cheekbone area. This is only temporary and it does not actually rejuvenate the placement of the internal fat pad, so you would be stuck dealing with lower cheek bulkiness. It is recommended that someone needing a lift go through the actual surgery for a lasting and effective final result.

If the size of your cheeks has always been a source of concern, you could accompany the lift with implants or filler enhancement. The Beverly Hills cheek lift procedure expert is going to use the same rejuvenation technique to complete the first part of the treatment. Before the incision is closed, a soft implant is placed on top of the cheekbone to provide a noticeable enhancement to the size. If you are unsure if you are ready to commit to a size increase, test out the results with temporary filler after the rejuvenation.

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