Types of Brow Lift Surgery

It might be surprising to learn during your consultation that there are so many different brow lift options available to you. These techniques range in invasiveness to provide every patient with the exact level of treatment that they need for an exceptional rejuvenation. The least invasive option is not actually surgery because it is limited to rejuvenation through chemical injections. Botox creates a unique reaction with the tissue that is similar to a surgical lift, and this is accompanied by filler for temporary wrinkle reduction. Most patients that begin with this temporary solution eventually graduate to a permanent rejuvenation solution with the help of our Beverly Hills eyebrow lift procedure expert.

The outer edge of the brow is best lifted with a temporal lift because it does not target any other areas. Rejuvenating more than necessary is always going to increase the risk of distortion if the skin is tightened too much. Some people prefer the direct brow lift if they want to eliminate any chance of complications because it is a very simplified procedure. If there are a lot of potential benefits from a rejuvenation, the Beverly Hills eyebrow lift surgeon might recommend a traditional forehead or endotine procedure for the patient.

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