Common Signs of Skin Cancer

All forms of skin cancer should be taken seriously, whether they are the type that spreads or not. The first line of defense against their disfiguring and even deadly effects is you. No one knows your skin better than you, since no one but you are inside your skin. You, a family member, or close friend are the most likely people to notice any changes to your skin, which can be an early indicator. Our dermatologist in Tarzana recommends that you closely examine your body monthly to catch early signs of skin cancer.

The particular symptoms to look for vary with the type of skin cancer, but your job is not know which kind it is, just that you might have one of the following abnormalities:

• Shiny flat areas
• Raised pearly bumps that are red, pink or translucent
• Rough, scaly areas
• Areas that easily bleed or ooze
• Sores that never seem to heal
• Areas that are regularly itchy or red, that swell, or cause pain
• A new mole that has developed or an existing one that has changed

Regarding moles, look for the following, often referred to as the ABCDE rule:

• Asymmetry: Healthy moles are almost always symmetrical
• Border: Healthy moles will have smooth borders; abnormal ones can be notched, jagged, irregular, or blurred
• Color: Healthy moles are evenly colored; abnormal ones may be different shades throughout or have an inconsistent patchwork of colors
• Diameter: Any moles larger than a pencil eraser should be checked
• Evolution: Any mole that changes in size, color, or shape

Examine all areas of the skin, but pay particular attention to places that receive the most sunlight, including the head, arms, hands, neck, ears, face, and shoulders.

If you experience any of these signs of skin cancer, contact us today to schedule an appointment to have it checked.


When Eyelid Surgery is Necessary

There are different types of problems that can be improved with the help of our Los Angeles eyelid surgery expert. One reason that treatment could be necessary is to fix unevenness in the upper eyelids. Your eyes might lose symmetry due to aging, certain conditions, or an injury in the area. The problem is not going to repair itself without the help of a talented plastic surgeon. An individual that has a tight monolid can also choose surgery as the solution to achieve a more functional double eyelid. There are a lot of different reasons that a patient could feel that they need help from a doctor.

Sagging skin that has started to obstruct your line of vision is another reason that you should consider surgery a necessity. Not only is this embarrassing, it can make it dangerous to perform normal activities. Our surgeon offers eyelid surgery to anyone that feels that it is necessary for their appearance or otherwise. You might feel that the heavy tissue and loose skin is making you less confident or happy with your outer appearance. Beauty is very important and it is always possible to get help from a surgeon if you feel that there is room to improve.

Typical Cost of Liposuction

It is tough to really understand the typical cost of liposuction without having a consultation with the surgeon ahead of time. Every area that is being treated is going to have a different cost because the size can vary so much. A patient that is having fat removed from their upper arms is not going to pay as much as someone requesting work in the lower abdomen area. However, this type of surgical plastic surgery is going to have some fees that every single person does have to pay.

When you are looking into the liposuction cost in Beverly Hills, you should know that each item is necessary for a safe and successful treatment. An anesthesiologist is going to come in to start an IV for general anesthesia, or inject local anesthesia if the area is very small. This is only one example of an unavoidable fee that every single liposuction patient is going to have to invest. Any surgical tools used to complete the liposuction will contribute to the cost, as well as medications prescribed for the recovery. Talk to your surgeon about the cost factors associated with your desired liposuction treatment so that you can find out how much you would have to pay.

Types of Cheek Lift Procedure

There are two ways that the cheek lift surgeon in Beverly Hills can improve the contour of the area. With true surgery, an incision is made inside the cheek to allow the doctor to access the fat pad that needs to be lifted on each side. Another way that you could achieve a similar result is through filler injections in the cheekbone area. This is only temporary and it does not actually rejuvenate the placement of the internal fat pad, so you would be stuck dealing with lower cheek bulkiness. It is recommended that someone needing a lift go through the actual surgery for a lasting and effective final result.

If the size of your cheeks has always been a source of concern, you could accompany the lift with implants or filler enhancement. The Beverly Hills cheek lift procedure expert is going to use the same rejuvenation technique to complete the first part of the treatment. Before the incision is closed, a soft implant is placed on top of the cheekbone to provide a noticeable enhancement to the size. If you are unsure if you are ready to commit to a size increase, test out the results with temporary filler after the rejuvenation.

Types of Brow Lift Surgery

It might be surprising to learn during your consultation that there are so many different brow lift options available to you. These techniques range in invasiveness to provide every patient with the exact level of treatment that they need for an exceptional rejuvenation. The least invasive option is not actually surgery because it is limited to rejuvenation through chemical injections. Botox creates a unique reaction with the tissue that is similar to a surgical lift, and this is accompanied by filler for temporary wrinkle reduction. Most patients that begin with this temporary solution eventually graduate to a permanent rejuvenation solution with the help of our Beverly Hills eyebrow lift procedure expert.

The outer edge of the brow is best lifted with a temporal lift because it does not target any other areas. Rejuvenating more than necessary is always going to increase the risk of distortion if the skin is tightened too much. Some people prefer the direct brow lift if they want to eliminate any chance of complications because it is a very simplified procedure. If there are a lot of potential benefits from a rejuvenation, the Beverly Hills eyebrow lift surgeon might recommend a traditional forehead or endotine procedure for the patient.