Side Effects of Eyelid Surgeries

Even the most skilled surgeon is unable to guarantee that your recovery will be without major side effects. Any invasive technique performed on the eyelids is going to cause some trauma to the layers of skin and tissue. A common side effect that our Los Angeles upper eyelid surgery expert warns patients about is the appearance of bruises and swelling in the treatment area. It might be alarming to get used to at first, but a few days of rest will help you through the toughest stage of recovery.

Your eyelids might feel tight at first as they adjust to the rejuvenation, but you should be aware of any unusual symptoms. If you cannot fully close either of your eyes without a struggle, then you should get in touch with our expert in upper eyelid revision surgery in Los Angeles. This is a rare but very serious complication that typically occurs if an inexperienced surgeon takes away too much extra skin. Another indication of a poor result is a lack of change after a few weeks post-surgery. You may end up needing our doctor to provide a revision to achieve an adequate rejuvenation if the original doctor was simply too conservative.


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