How Invasive is Facelift Surgery?

The traditional facelift surgery techniques involve invasive incisions and intricate work with the aged tissue. Sometimes it is possible to limit the rejuvenation to a certain area of the face to avoid unnecessary trauma and decrease the recovery time. If it is your desire to avoid real surgery, you do have the option of a chemical or laser facelift. These techniques are not as reliable as a real facelift, but they can provide a very noticeable and effective improvement for the right patient.

Our plastic surgeon in Los Angeles is not going to recommend any surgery or minimally-invasive alternative until the consultation is complete. The entire purpose of the physical examination is to help the doctor understand your needs as a patient to help you make the right decision about treatment. If you are hesitant about the potential complications that you risk with an invasive facelift, put your mind at ease by investing in a surgeon that has a great reputation. You are making a decision that will lead to a permanent change in the way that you look. Do not be afraid to bring up any questions that you have and allow our doctor to provide the information necessary to alleviate your concerns.


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