Revision of Eyelid Surgeries

Although upper eyelid surgery is very popular, there are so many doctors that simply fail to handle the treatment adequately. It is a very small and delicate area of the body that cannot be treated with any carelessness, especially if skin is being removed. There is a good chance that extreme tightness will result if the surgeon is not conservative with the amount of skin that is permanently taken away. If this is the problem, it might prevent fully or comfortably closing the eyes until a revision is performed to relax the area.

It is possible for the eyelid muscle to end up damaged in a way that causes unusual and noticeable drooping after a rejuvenation is complete. If this happens, or there is unevenness when comparing both sides, you should inquire about receiving an upper eyelid revision surgery. Most problems can be repaired or improved so that you do not have to feel dissatisfaction with your appearance for the rest of your life. Do not be afraid to talk to the surgeon early on in your recovery because there may be ways that you can begin preparing for the revision before your body is truly ready to undergo another surgery.


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