Is an Upper Eyelid Surgery Right for Me?

One of the first ways to tell if an upper eyelid surgery is a suitable option for you is to have a full medical evaluation. The upper eyelid surgeon has to feel confident using anesthesia and invasive techniques without a risk of creating complications. If you have a condition that causes you to heal slowly, you will probably find that upper eyelid surgery is not the best solution for your problem. Anyone that is cleared to receive treatment should evaluate their current appearance to understand the benefits that could be experienced.

If you want to know how you measure against other patients, use some upper eyelid lift surgery before and after pictures as a reference. You might find that you are right on par with their symptoms, but it might also prove that your issues are not as severe as you believe. There needs to be a clear understanding that you have realistic expectations about the improvement that you want to receive. Otherwise, you are creating a risk of distortion if you decide to lift your eyelids before they truly need it. If you have any questions about your appearance and improvements that could be made, speak with the doctor personally to receive advice.


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