How Effective is Lateral Eyebrow Lift?

It is difficult to truly decide which type of eyebrow lift will be the most effective for you without an evaluation. You can find out a lot about the treatments by reading, but the best advice comes from an experienced surgeon. This is why our brow lift surgeon in Beverly Hills always recommends the initial consultation so that you can make an educated decision about your treatment. The lateral brow lift is unique because it targets the outer area of the brow instead of the arch or center. Although this problem area is not as common, the lateral lift is going to provide the desired rejuvenation without causing unnecessary trauma.

If you notice loose skin in the upper eyelid area that is caused by a drooping brow, rejuvenation in the temple area should help both issues. There is a chance to eliminate a significant amount of wrinkles and excess skin without any noticeable scarring or significant puffiness. However, you might find that this treatment provided by our Beverly Hills lateral brow lift surgeon is inadequate if the area between your brows or the forehead need rejuvenation as well. There is always a benefit in choosing a conservative rejuvenation, but you cannot rely on this advantage to help when more work is absolutely necessary.


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